Japan’s Leading Paper Trading Group

Whether it be its history, business performance or its degree of reliability in the eyes of the industry, Japan Pulp & Paper Group stands unrivaled in every aspect as the overwhelming leader of and driving force behind Japan’s domestic paper distribution industry. Our globally expanding network provides procurement, sales and distribution functions enabling domestic paper manufacturers to maintain stable production. Similarly, our ability to supply necessary quantities of material and products when they are needed, enables us to meet our customers’ requests, be they for sudden changes in product specification or shorter delivery times. Handling more volume than any other paper trading entity in the country, Japan Pulp & Paper Group is contributing to the stable distribution of paper in Japan.
In fact, we handle an extensive range of papers. In addition to papers capable of basic functions such as the recording of information, wrapping and wiping, we also handle a wide variety of papers with properties that can be used in industrial and specialty applications. One of our greatest strengths is the expanse of our product lineup, which enables us to respond to a plethora of users, needs and applications.
We provide a number of solutions to even the most generalized requests, and if the optimal solution does not exist, we are able to plan and develop new products that satisfy the requirements of our customers.
Furthermore, in addition to being a paper trading company, we are also expanding into other business areas such as ICT, as we endeavor to develop the overall abilities of the Group as a whole.


World’s Most Valued Glocalized Entity

Our first advance into the global arena dates back to 1899. Since then we have continued to do business in a number of countries and regions with differing cultures and business customs. We have firmly established ourselves in each region and are building on our know-how as we continue to expand our business activities throughout the world.
Since the turn of the new millennium, our advances into regions outside of Japan have accelerated. Our paper and paperboard distribution network now extends throughout virtually every region of the globe with operations in more than 60 cities. Today, we operate paper merchants with inventory and distribution functions in the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and India, and have established systems to enable the stable supply of product throughout each region.
We have also extended our range of services beyond merely supplying printing companies, to now include the delivery of products such as photo copying papers, labels, and films directly to consumers. Furthermore, recently, we have also been actively developing business in the sign & display area, such as outdoor advertising, facility information displays, and POP advertisements.
A “glocal” entity such as ours, with its expanding global paper merchanting operations and a strong local presence in each region is unparalleled anywhere in the world.


The Creation of a Resource-recycling Society is the Mission of a Paper Trading Company

Paper is an environmentally-friendly, sustainable resource. Our involvement doesn’t stop at the sale of this material, with our business extending to include paper recovery and recycling operations.
When environmental pollution became a social issue in the 1970s, we were quick to commence full-scale involvement in the wastepaper recycling business. Today our recycling activities centered around the Corelex Group, which boasts the top share of the domestic recycled household paper market in Japan, have expanded to also include the production of containerboard and printing papers made from recycled wastepaper resources.
Furthermore, we have further diversified our activities to include the recycling of waste plastics, and the generation of renewable energy from solar and woody biomass sources. In this way, we are contributing to a reduction in the burden on the environment and society from a number of different perspectives.
Focusing on our paper-related business activities, we will continue to take up the challenge of creating a resource-recycling society. This is our mission as we continue to pursue the possibilities of “Paper, and beyond.”


Paper, and beyond