Current Situation in the Paper Manufacturing & Processing

Paper Manufacturing Businesses Utilizing Recovered Paper as Raw Materials

The Corelex Group, which operates a recycled household paper business, possesses excellent wastepaper recycling technology and the ability to develop original products, such as its core-less toilet rolls, and holds a large share of the recycled toilet roll market. Once used toilet rolls and tissue paper cannot be recycled, which is why to make effective use of limited resources we should manufacture them from recycled materials. We offer a more comfortable lifestyle through the sale of products that are closely linked to people’s daily lives centered around coreless toilet rolls for commercial and household use made from 100% recovered paper pulp.

In our packaging paper and printing paper manufacturing businesses we are working to reduce our environmental impact by using recovered wastepaper as a raw material. In our manufacturing activities we are conducting business with a variety of environmental considerations in mind, including the use of biomass fuel for mill boilers. We use recovered wastepaper as a raw material to make products and then deliver them to customers again. Through this type of circular economy-style of business within the group, we are able to accumulate experience and know-how in each process and use this to respond to the needs of customers and society at a high level.

Processing Businesses Manufacturing Containerboard Sheets and Cartons & Converting Paper and Film Laminates

Paper is indispensable for the transportation of industrial products, foodstuffs, agricultural products, and other products to consumers. At stores, decorative boxes, wrapping, and shopping bags convey the images of products and brands to consumers. We have built a system that enables us to process and supply packaging materials to meet the needs of our customers.

Realizing a Circular Economy

The Japan Pulp & Paper Group is helping to realize a circular economy through its business activities as part of its mission to carve a better future for society and the environment.
In the resource cycle, the business of recycling wastepaper, which is increasing in importance as a raw material used for papermaking, and the paper manufacturing business, which uses wastepaper as a raw material, are interrelated. In terms of the energy cycle, we are developing renewable energy power generation businesses.