Current Situation in the Japan Wholesaling Segment

Stable Supply of Paper and Paperboard & the Maintenance of Market Conditions

In the Japan Wholesaling segment, major events such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the shift from paper to digital media, which has had a significant negative impact on demand for paper. Under these circumstances, maintaining reproducible prices has become an important issue for this segment, and the emphasis is on profit and efficiency rather than sales volume and market share. On the other hand, the low environmental impact characteristics of paper are attracting attention due to the problem of marine plastic waste, and it is also true that the unique qualities and functionality of paper, such as its texture, are being valued more highly than those of digital media. New functions and new added value are being recognized for paper with the development of applications that take advantage of its characteristics in the fields of education, culture, and industry.

The group is rediscovering the functions of paper and continuing to take on the challenge of creating new value, while doing its utmost to ensure a stable supply of paper and the maintenance of market conditions.

As a coordinator

We listen to customers' needs and provide a total coordination service from product selection and development to delivery, and by devising and carrying through with our own ideas we create new business.

As a distributor (for manufacturers of paper and other products)

As a distributor for all paper manufacturers as well as manufacturers of other selected products, we procure products best suited to respond to market needs and also provide the market with a stable supply of publications, catalogues packaging and a wide range of other daily commodities and industrial goods.