Your Global Paper Distribution Specialist With a globally expanding sales and purchasing network and backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience, JP appropriately responds to its customers’ requests.

Focused on the sale of paper and related products, JP is striving to develop business activities that meet the needs of society and the ever-growing marketplace.

JP supplies a wide range of products supporting both industry and peoples’ daily lives.

Printing and Communication Papers / Wrapping and Packaging Materials (Chemical Products) / Specialty and Functional Papers / Industrial Materials / Household Papers / Raw Materials for Paper Production and Fuel / Machinery, Construction Materials and Chemicals

The JP Group is involved in a variety of environmental business activities from the recycling of recovered paper and the sale of a wide selection of environmentally conscious products to our comprehensive combined material and thermal recycling operations.

Recovered Paper Recycling / Sales of Environmentally Conscious Products / Environmentally Conscious Paper Manufacturing Activities / Comprehensive Recycling Operations

The globally expanding JP Group business network.

North America / East Asia / Southeast Asia / Europe / Middle East / Oceania / Central & South America

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