Focusing on Society’s Future Paper Requirements

Since it's founding in 1845, Japan Pulp and Paper Company Limited (JP) has been constantly enhancing its capabilities as a paper distributor and expanding its area of business coverage in line with the changing needs of society and the times. JP will continue to pursue the unlimited possibilities of paper and further expand its business activities with a focus on paper's role in meeting the future needs of people and society.

Amid the rapid advances in our increasingly information-oriented society, paper continues to play a vital role in so many areas of our daily lives. At JP, we have an intimate understanding of the significance and importance of paper and its future potential.

Since its establishment, JP has played a leading role in the sale of paper and related products and has been consistently developing new business opportunities for paper. Based on its ability to gather and decipher a vast amount of information, JP has perfected its own paper market analysis capabilities and related consultation services and can provide the distribution functions necessary to meet its customers’ most demanding requests. In addition, JP is constructing a truly global business network through which to accurately and precisely respond to its customers’ continually diversifying needs.

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