Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In addition to the performance of its business activities and services, Japan Pulp and Paper Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) also recognizes that it has an important corporate social responsibility to ensure the proper management and protection of the personal information, including the names, addresses and e-mail details (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) that it acquires from its customers and to this end has put the following privacy policies into practice.

  1. 1.The Company abides by all laws and guidelines concerning the protection of Personal Information and has also established internal rules and regulations and makes every effort to ensure that all the members of its management and staff are aware of these obligations.
  2. 2.As a part of its measures to protect Personal Information, the Company has appointed relevant directors to head risk management committees and has also appointed information managers in each department who are charged with supervising the efforts being made to manage information and also with the education and training of staff.
  3. 3.In the event that Personal Information is garnered from customers, the Company will specify its intensions for doing so and either notify the customers directly or clearly state its actions on this website.
  4. 4.The Company will ensure that the Personal Information collected is only used for purposes within the scope of the intensions that have been clearly explained in notifications to customers or on this website.
  5. 5.Barring the advent of exceptional circumstances or any legal requirements, the Company will not disclose Personal Information collected to any third parties without the customer’s prior consent.
  6. 6.The Company takes adequate safety measures and conducts appropriate management practices to safeguard against any unauthorized access to the Personal Information that it possesses and to prevent any loss, damage, falsification or divulgence of such information.
  7. 7.In the case that the Company outsources the handling of any Personal Information, appropriate measures are taken to bind such service providers to contracts guarding against the divulgence of any Personal Information.
  8. 8.If any customer requests that the Company disclose, revise, delete or suspend the use of any Personal Information in the Company’s possession, the Company will endeavor to respond appropriately and sincerely to such requests.
  9. 9.Any enquiries regarding Personal Information should be directed to the General Affairs department detailed below:
    <Privacy-related Enquiries>
    General Affairs Department, Corporate Administration Division, Japan Pulp and Paper Company Limited
    Telephone: +81-3-5548-4024 Office Hours: 9:00-17:15 *Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

This privacy policy is reviewed when appropriate as part of the Company’s continuous efforts to improve its Personal Information protection measures.

Created : April 1, 2005
Revised : June 29, 2010
Kenzo Noguchi
Japan Pulp and Paper Company Limited

Intended Uses of Personal Information

The Company collects necessary Personal Information which is used to assist it in carrying out its business activities in the following ways:

  1. 1.To enable the execution and performance of agreements concerning the provision of goods and services
  2. 2.To obtain contact information necessary in conducting the provision of goods and services and forwarding of goods
  3. 3.To execute payment claims and to protect accounts receivable
  4. 4.To provide explanatory information regarding goods and services
  5. 5.To provide customers with information concerning seminars, lectures, special events, sales campaigns and other activities that the Company conducts or sponsors
  6. 6.To establish a variety of measures and provide special services in order to build and maintain smooth relations with business partners
  7. 7.To carry out market surveys, analysis and other research of and on behalf of the pulp and paper industry and business partners
  8. 8.To be able to contact customers and provide stakeholders with information regarding meetings and gatherings being conducted by or for organizations with which the Company is associated
  9. 9.To enable the Company to respond to customers’ enquiries and comments
  10. 10.To be able to contact and provide information to prospective and successful job applicants
  11. 11.To facilitate the inspection and maintenance of facilities and equipment

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