Paper, Paperboard and Related Product Sales Activities

Everyday Paper and Paperboard ProductsWe supply a wide range of products used by industry and by people in their daily lives.

  • Printing and Communication Papers Paper has an important role to play, not only as a medium for commercially printed materials such as books, magazines, catalogs and leaflets, but also as a communication paper contributing to a higher degree of information transmission and increased business efficiency.

  • Wrapping and Packaging Materials
    (Chemical Products)
    Packing materials are essential in the product distribution process and come in many different forms that add color to our daily lives. With a little converting and printing, paper becomes an extremely versatile and functional wrapping and packaging material.

  • Specialty and Functional Papers Papers such as those used in electrical components and construction applications are just some of the papers that support our everyday lives without us even realizing it.

  • Industrial Materials We handle a wide range of products that take advantage of the characteristics of paper and synthetic resins and combine the two for use as industrial materials.

  • Household Papers From toilet rolls made of recycled paper to tissues and paper incontinence products, at JP we stock an abundant range of products that each play intimate roles in peoples’ daily lives as we make every effort to respond to our customers’ needs.

  • Raw Materials for Paper Production and Fuel We are focusing on the idea of “creating” resources, such as the pulp and recovered paper used as raw materials in the manufacture of paper and RPF and fluff fuels used to produce regenerated energy.

  • Machinery, Construction Materials and Chemicals Utilizing the know-how and experience gained from our work with paper materials, we also handle the sale of related industrial materials, raw materials, chemicals and machinery.

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